Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Going to be a paperback writer! With an appetite, evidently.

Some of you already know this, but here's a more general announcement: a small press has offered me a contract for my novel The Ghost Downstairs! External validation rocks, as my husband said by way of congratulations.

It won't be out for months yet, but in the meantime check out my userinfo for details, including the cover art they drew up for me. I love the house in particular. It's perfect; just as I pictured it.

So, hurrah, and I'll tell you more when there's more to tell. Be prepared to see me promote the heck out of it on this journal. I plan to beg you all to write Amazon reviews for me and stuff.

* * *

Now, a few quick food reviews:

Beets: good! I seldom had them when growing up (maybe my parents don't like them), but lately have been getting basic canned sliced beets and eating them on salad. They're so tender and fresh and delicious. How did I ever live without beets on my salad?

Cactus leaves (nopales): not so good. Tried slicing and steaming them as recommended, added a bit of honey since they were still so sour; tried butter, salt, pepper; but no. Still tasted like eating a plant rather than eating a vegetable. I'm sure you understand the difference.

Almond Breeze (Blue Diamond's milk substitute), Vanilla: good! Smooth and not at all chalky or weird. Makes a nice lightweight shake when mixed with regular milk.

Silk (soy milk), Chocolate: also good! Tastes just like regular chocolate milk.

Silk, Vanilla: not so good. In fact, *shudder*. By the way, we're only trying these to vary the large amounts of regular milk we and our toddler drink. None of us are actually lactose intolerant; just interested in new flavors and ingredients.

3 Musketeers Mint With Dark Chocolate: oh my gosh, so good. Satiny dark chocolate with a soft bright white mint nougat filling. Like original 3 Musketeers meeting a York Peppermint Patty, but better than either. And soft enough that I can easily eat them even with my braces-tender teeth, which is a major plus. Several varieties of chocolate are too thick for me to bite through lately, which, as you can imagine, is practically reason enough for me to declare a state of emergency and apply for federal disaster relief.
Tags: food, the ghost downstairs, writing

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