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Could you, would you, read an ebook?

Before facing the world (for the second or third time) as an e-published author* (this time new and improved!), I am figuring I ought to go out and get a proper ebook reading device. I can't see myself reading anything on my cell phone, and those Palm Pilots I had a few years ago posed many a problem. Namely, the batteries ran out quickly and then the whole software system died and everything had to be restored; and also, there was a limit on how big text files could be, so I had to divide up Project Gutenberg ebooks into four or five chunks. That was a daunting and annoying task when you're reading, say, a thick Dickens novel. Highlighting and scrolling for hundreds of pages at a time gets old really quickly.

But! They say the new readers, like the Sony Reader and the Amazon Kindle, are much friendlier about these things. I haven't done all the research yet on which device is handiest, so feel free to weigh in. And in the meantime I ask you...

This poll is closed.

What are your thoughts on ebooks?

I could never see myself reading books on a screen.
I seldom read ebooks, but would do so more often if screens/readers were cheaper, more user-friendly, and easier on the eyes.
I do sometimes read ebooks, and intend to do so more in the future.
I read ebooks about as often as print books.
I read and enjoy ebooks all the time, definitely more often than print books.

Add any comments you like. My publisher seems to feel firmly that ebooks, not print books, are indeed the future. And while part of me says, "Tell that to those of us who lovingly sniff aged paperbacks for their delicate aroma," another part of me hopes they're right, because hey, e-published author here. Furthermore, kids these days seem to be heading in the direction of doing everything with their handheld devices; soon they'll be making phone calls, listening to music, emailing, ordering pizzas, taking the SAT's, and yes, doing some light reading if they have time, all on those dinky screens they can't pull their eyes and thumbs from.

And wouldn't it be nice, in some respects? You're lying on the beach with your reader device, and fifty pages into your selected ebook you decide you can't take another word of this lame novel. So you click over to your browser, select and download a new one, and settle back with that instead.

Hmm. I better make those first fifty pages really riveting.

* Yes, my book will be available in paperback as well. But the publisher likes to put the focus on the ebook side, since that's cheaper and faster for all involved.
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