Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Elastic + Demin = JeansLove

I've been noticing that young men are wearing skinny jeans again, snug fitting all the way to the ankle. Thank the gods. I so do not like the baggy clown pants look that the gangstas made popular.

The gangsta types are actually still wearing those, maybe because you can fit a huge gun inside all that fabric without attracting notice. But fortunately the rest of the men have come to their fashion senses.

Jeans are getting skinnier on gals too. We're losing that flare flap at the ankles, which I shall not miss. I detested "bell bottoms," as I called them, when they came back into fashion fifteen years ago; and although I came to tolerate them and even wear some of the more modestly flared jeans, I never did like the extra fabric flapping around my shins. Let's do skinny again! With the lovely things they're doing with elastic, it doesn't even cut off blood flow anymore.

[Edit: I only mean skinny; I don't mean so tight they amount to denim leggings. Anything that enters "baggy" territory needs to go. That's all I'm saying.]
Tags: clothes

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