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Mount Rainier 2008

We've just returned from a couple days on beautiful Mount Rainier. Here's a mini photo travelogue. The pictures are big, but as such you could use them for wallpaper.

Okay, I don't know why, but when you click on these, it might first say "You don't have access," blah blah blah. But if you copy and paste the link, it should work. Why? I wish I knew.

The mountain herself, from the Paradise area.

The view from our room at Paradise Inn, elevation 5,400 feet. None too shabby. That Inn, by the way, closes to most guests in early October, and in mid-winter is buried in snow up to its third or fourth story.

Some of the famed gorgeous wildflowers. Predominantly lupines here.

The boys at the highest point of our hike, which was probably a little over 6,000 feet up. (Mount Rainier is about 14,000 feet high, for perspective.)

A glimpse of the turquoise waters of Snow Lake.

Speaking of snow...oops, there appears to be a snowbank over the trail. That's leftover snow from winter, not early autumn snow, I'm pretty sure. Incidentally, I'm the one wearing a small child on my back, and the other lady is an unknown fellow hiker.

The Tatoosh range at Rainier's feet.


Sep. 12th, 2008 03:06 pm (UTC)
The Inn doesn't even have room phones, just a bank of phones near the lobby, and I didn't see any evidence of internet. I sort of doubt there's any easy way to get that on the mountain, as a guest. Presumably the hotels do have it somehow, but possibly not. I phoned in the reservation; don't think there was an online option.

And we only made the reservation a week before going, but probably it only worked because school had started by then, and we chose weeknights rather than weekends. I imagine it fills up faster in July and August.