Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

"This is the skin of a killer."

And it can be yours, too, with Sephora SuperShimmer Powder, available now, for the holidays!

Which is to say, I went out with many a relative and saw Twilight yesterday. I liked it. I thought it was fun. We did burst into laughter at times where they probably didn't intend the audience to do that--though I'm hoping they did. (Such as Robert Pattinson's extremely weird, yet very adolescent-male, moments of being socially awkward to the point of rudeness.)

Random notes, none of which spoil anything:

1. The pasty vampire makeup, with the red lips, looked a little silly in some shots. My sister Kate put it best: "Maybe he's immortal. Maybe it's Maybelline."

2. The Pacific Northwest looked beautiful. As it always does, thank you very much. Complete with chainsaw-carved bears! That is a very authentic touch, we must admit.

3. But, unless Charlie keeps the house at 75 degrees, I doubt Bella would be sleeping in a little tank top in the cold rainy months. Our shoulders freeze here if we try that.

4. Jasper's alarmed facial expression cracked me up. Looked a lot like Johnny Depp as either Edward Scissorhands or Ichabod Crane.

5. Could the subtext under the vampirism plot be any more clearly about the dangerous allure of teen sex? Approximate conversations from the film:
He: I can't be near you. If I start, I won't be able to stop.
She: I'm not afraid.
He: You should be. I'm not that strong.
She: (nuzzling up close) Yes you are. I trust you.
He: (labored breathing) You really shouldn't.

6. I did like the leads for the most part, especially Billy Burke (Charlie) and, yes, Robert Pattinson. I appreciate that he did the self-loathing, rather creepy interpretation of Edward, rather than Too Suave And Romantic To Endure, as it's possible to interpret him in the books. Flaws are endearing.

7. The Cullen house looked nothing like its book description. But it did look like a typical expensive house in the Northwest, so maybe that's better anyway.
Tags: movies, twilight

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