Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Perfume sample giveaway! Part 1 of...?

A new year, and time to clean my desk, which means someone out there gets my unwanted perfume samples!

This year I'm going to be more promotion-oriented about it (sorry), and make each giveaway a drawing. The idea is that more people, from LJ and beyond, will check my blog frequently in hopes of winning stuff, and eventually find me so charming that they simply must buy a copy of my book. It isn't available yet, though, so this particular perfume giveaway is just because I'm so nice.

(By the way: dirae, the two Dolce & Gabbana scents are already set aside for you, per previous arrangement. But you can enter drawings for the others if they interest you, too!)

Today's scent:

Bois du Chocolat, by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. This, like the other samples, is a little 1 ml sample vial, tested but mostly full, from The Perfumed Court, who can hook you up with samples of practically any scent you want for a couple of bucks. Their description: "Bois du Chocolat is a rich wood and chocolate scent with a top note of sandalwood; middle notes of dark chocolate and vanilla; and base notes of musk and patchouli. Bois du Chocolat is an eau de parfum, edp."

To enter, comment on this post. Non-LJers are welcome to enter too, but be sure to leave some email address where I can reach you if you win. You can enter all this week, and next Sunday I'll randomly choose a winner. We'll then hash out where to send the scent, and such. Shipping on me, needless to say, since it's likely to be all of 85 cents. (Oh yeah...I probably can't ship internationally. Sorry.)

*waves it in the air*
You know you want it.
Tags: contests, fragrance

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