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Has the avalanche stopped?

Molly crawls out from under the heap of LJ-notification emails, dusts off the snowflakes, and looks around at the seven new inches of friends. (My friends-of list actually doubled in the last 3 days.)

So, hi, everyone! Wow, dudes. That was incredibly cool. I did read every single response, even though it quickly became impractical to answer them all. I'm definitely doing a parody for 'Return of the King' when it comes out. :D And maybe the extended-DVD scenes of TTT, too...

Or maybe I should just print up "I almost had a facial expression" T-shirts, featuring Legolas, and sell them. Hee. (Though, personally, I'd prefer an "Angsssty hobbitses" one, with Frodo and Sam in eyeliner. Any good artists out there who want to design one for me?)

Several people have asked if I've done a parody for 'Fellowship' as well. The answer is no, alas. It has been done to death by now (look up the one by Orangeblossom Brambleburr; that's my favorite), and it would be a little late anyway.

I've also been asked whether I've done any other parodies. Well, hm...*scrounges through files of all the stupid stuff I've ever written*. A couple: For the LOTR fans who are also intimately familiar with 'Moulin Rouge,' I did an "Oliphaunt Love Medley" a couple months back; and for those who read too much Thomas Hardy, I did a condensed parody script (originally a stick-figure-theater comic strip) of 'Far From the Madding Crowd.' But neither of those have quite the wide appeal of the newly-released TTT film. Indeed, probably nothing else in the world does, at this particular moment.

Whew. Okay. Cannot wait to see the film again. Will pressure somebody to go with me next week. Or will go alone if that's what it takes. Have to use this golden ticket from the extended DVD, after all.

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