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Books you long to revisit

When you're in the middle of reading a book you like well enough and intend to finish, but it isn't entirely enthralling you, do you long to go back and re-read books that did enthrall you? I certainly get that way. I seldom actually get around to the re-reading, because there are so many new books I still need to read and discover, but the temptation is strong enough to pull me back to former loves once in a while.

Lately I've particularly wanted to re-read A Room with a View by E.M. Forster, and Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin. (As well as Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke, and, as ever, The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien, but those I've read more recently than the first two.) I think what I crave is the grace, romance, and wildflowers of the Forster book; and the crazy magic, the sparkling icy scenery, and the gorgeous vocabulary of the Helprin.

What books do you long to return to?



Jan. 23rd, 2009 06:59 pm (UTC)
I definitely get like that, although more often for me it's because I had a conversation about the book or lent it to a friend, and my interest in it is renewed. Also, I often realize that I've forgotten whole huge chunks of books that I loved (I so need to re-read Strange & Norrell for this reason) and this distresses me and makes me want to flee to them.

Then there are the comfort reads that I go back to because I'm tired or sick or I just need something that I know will work for me, like Till We Have Faces and The Last Unicorn. LOTR, as well, though I tend to pick it up and just read a chapter here or there rather than re-reading the whole thing.
Jan. 25th, 2009 01:28 am (UTC)
I definitely need to re-read Till We Have Faces. I read it twice when I was young, but I think I'd really "get" it now.

And somehow I've never read The Last Unicorn! Must remedy this.
Jan. 25th, 2009 02:05 am (UTC)
Yeah, I get Till We Have Faces a little more every time i read it, which I seem to do every five years or so. And I think you'd really like The Last Unicorn. It has such a cool lyrical quality to it and such wonderful characters.
Jan. 25th, 2009 05:17 am (UTC)
It's my sister's all-time favorite.

Sodding depressing if you ask me. Gender gap?
Jan. 26th, 2009 10:21 pm (UTC)
I'll give it a try and see what I think. It's actually good to know its tragic nature before I go in. I'm more likely to be forgiving then.

I just ordered this book called 'The Pickpocket's Tale' from Amazon. That won't be depressing, will it? :)
Jan. 27th, 2009 01:08 am (UTC)

No, not at all... At least, I found it pretty uplifting!