Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

A found note

Congratulations to spun_silver, winner of the most recent perfume sample giveaway! Stay tuned for the next one.

In the meantime, the intrigue of peeking into someone else's life...

On a walk with my son this morning, I spied a scrap of paper with handwritten lines on it, in an alley. Being of a nosy nature, I picked it up. It's one piece of a torn-up greeting card, a fragment from along the spine of the card, and the writing is on both front and back, so we have three incomplete sections of this note. (No writing on the card's front.) They are as follows:

(inside card, left side)
my thoughts
you as you
this transition
a new life
thank you for
and support

(inside card, right side)
dearly but
forever be (forever is crossed out and replaced by "always")
friend and
her heart.
Brad, you
respected by
have been
mentor to

(back of card)
cial girls to (I assume the first word was "special")
They love you
all of their
of hearts, my
ands(?) you all deeply (not sure on the first incomplete word)
and experiences
to my dear
best to you all
have helped
her second home

Hmm. So, my first assumption was that Debbie's leaving Brad, and some kids, daughters evidently, are involved somehow. But now I'm not sure. Maybe it could just be a congratulatory note on some event, from a former girlfriend or just an old friend?

In any case, let's all keep Brad and Debbie in our thoughts today.
Tags: love, weird

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