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25 things meme

25 Things Meme, which I did on Facebook but might as well copy here too.

- - -

1. I'm obsessed with smells. I smell plants, foods, bottles of shampoo in the drugstore, you name it. I'd probably lean in close and smell people if it were socially acceptable.

2. I wrote my senior thesis (for my undergrad degree in Anthropology) about the role of the domestic dog among the prehistoric and historic Plains Indians.

3. I'm not particularly using my Anthro B.A. for anything now, except general human interest.

4. Ditto for my Linguistics M.A.

5. I don't really get sugar cravings per se--I'm more a salty person than a sugary person for snack foods--but chocolate is a class of its own. I require daily chocolate. Preferably dark and with as few extraneous ingredients as possible.

6. I'm becoming a connoisseur of tea as well. All types, though white tea so far strikes me as too bland to be interesting.

7. I got moved ahead from 1st to 2nd grade, mostly because the 1st grade teacher apparently terrorized me, and I was able to handle 2nd-grade-level work. However, this resulted in my being a year younger than my class forevermore. That rather sucked.

8. I remember a time when my younger sister and I would "fix" our hair by bending over at the waist and then snapping upright so it all flipped backward.

9. We owned both My Little Ponies and Barbie dolls as kids, but put them to somewhat un-girly use sometimes. Like putting them on top of things and throwing blocks at them to knock them down. Or sending them cliff-diving into the creek.

10. I pretty much never, ever paint my fingernails. It seems unhealthy, the chance of eating chips of nail polish. That stuff could kill you.

11. But I do paint my toenails. The poor neglected feet need some kind of aesthetic amelioration.

12. I like living in Seattle because I dislike wearing sunscreen. I've avoided a tan or a burn for a couple of years now, and am proud of it. Why be ashamed of your natural skin tone, even if it's pale?

13. I'm very, very inept at most arts and crafts, and consequently don't like doing them. Crafts especially. I sigh heavily in dismay if I have to sew a button back onto a shirt.

14. I can't be a couch potato. I get restless if I haven't left my chair in an hour or more.

15. I had a serious Cure phase in college and shortly thereafter (that is, as a fan of the band The Cure). And earlier this decade I had a serious Lord of the Rings fan phase. People who knew me and paid attention to me during those phases are in possession, undoubtedly, of some embarrassing tales they could tell about me.

16. But at least there was a fun side: one of the only times I've earned worldwide accolades was for writing Lord of the Rings parodies, which got forwarded everywhere in one of those weird quirks of the Internet.

17. I didn't have an email address, or even want one, until 1995. Within a year I was something of a net addict.

18. I'm better now. I like and require lots of time away from the screen.

19. I cannot live without humor. I like most sorts, high and low; sophisticated and silly; ideally many kinds in the same individuals.

20. I'm afraid of lightning. I don't hide under furniture when storms come, but I do feel deeply uneasy. However, I'd like to point out that this isn't an *irrational* fear, since, dude, lightning is HOTTER THAN THE SURFACE OF THE SUN. And can strike ANYWHERE. Even indoors.

21. Which is actually near the top of the list of why I won't ever live in Florida. Along with that anti-sunburn reason. Plus they have alligators.

22. I've spent about seven months total in the UK, over the course of three trips. I still want to go back, as there are plenty of parts I haven't seen yet. Yes, I'm a Britophile. (Why limit it to England, with "Anglophile"?)

23. I'm an excellent driver. Not a mark on my record.

24. But beyond scraping ice off the windows and putting gas into the tank, I'm pretty ignorant of car care.

25. Like a crow or many an easily distracted creature, I like sparkly objects. Preferably in earring form.
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