May 22nd, 2003

couple w/ umbrella on street

On sex changes, heat, and random things

Sex changes: I know the preferred term is "gender reassignment," but that's got way too many syllables. Who has the time? In any event: do you know a transsexual? 'Cause I do. In fact, I kind of dated one. Collapse )

Heat: it's been hot in the Sacramento Valley for, what, a week now? And I hate it already. I want the rain back. My tolerance for this area is actually getting weaker the longer I live here.

Random things: Your LOTR-related link of the day: Frodo's journey as allegory of submitting a thesis. Too perfect for my current situation. Giggling at images of Aragorn as a wandering postdoc and Elrond as the head of the department.

P.S. The sex-change-to-become-a-lesbian thing actually isn't undocumented. There's a novel about it, in fact: Trans-Sister Radio by Chris Bohjalian. Quite interesting.
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