June 5th, 2003


I don't normally hold to poetry, but...

rachel2205 turned up this great site, which generates instant poetry for you out of any URL you give it.

I tried this with my LJ, with somewhat silly results, then thought, being me, "I know! I'll try it on a slash page! Instant erotic poems!"

Which, as it turns out, works quite well. Highly amusing. An example for you (generated on Coming of Age by Bill the Pony):

Coming of glowing color across the words. abandoned
him, away, making Frodo shook open the and rose,
reaching for one arm.
flung over the situation Frodo choked
back to the moment by the
invitation which told Well in the
hollow there. to take him
to kiss and his lip;
he had been a sense
of his
lip. caught his ears
but he had spent
sitting down
Bagshot Row, teasing Sam.

And if you don't like what it gives you the first time around, just click "generate" again and it will come up with a new one. Hee.