January 24th, 2004

Froud - bad faeries

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Do I seriously have to warn you people not to insinuate into the comments of the last post the debates I had to forcibly stop in the other posts?


*sharpens axe, keeping eye on you all*
Froud - bad faeries

Love and daffodils

radiofreecarbon and I just got back from seeing Big Fish. Here is my short review, which should not contain any serious spoilers.

OMG liek Ewan McGregor is soooo cute! No I mean he's seriously HOT you guys! But not just hot but like sweet and funny and stuff, and like I would totally marry him. And there's this scene, with these daffodils, and I totally LOVE daffodils, and OMG I almost died.

*pause to collect shattered dignity*

Plus the script is really clever and there are some priceless weird-Gothy-beautiful Tim Burton moments, and Billy "Cheekbones of Serious Talent" Crudup was great too, and Helena Bonham-Carter is always awesome, and all those Brits did great Southern-U.S. accents, and everything is gorgeous (like, for instance, Ewan McGregor) and it made me want to write stuff with magic in it and it very nearly made me cry even though I don't do that in movie theatres if at all possible, and...and yeah.

So now I am in a much better mood. I want to kiss you all, in fact.

Who am I kidding? I want to kiss Ewan effing McGregor in a field of effing daffodils, dangit.

radiofreecarbon claims we would have failed the Newlywed Game, because he would have said that I found Johnny Depp hotter than Ewan McGregor. I think we all know (or at least, we do now) that's not true. I go for geeky/funny boys, not bad boys. Bad boys have their charms, but they're too much trouble at the end of the day. Hand me those daffodils, you lovely lovely man.