March 22nd, 2004

Froud - bad faeries

Exposing myself to hundreds of new readers...wait, that doesn't sound right...

Note the first:

Once Upon a Time Online has offered to buy one of my short stories for $30! Woo! It's not the 30 bucks I'm excited about, really - though that's nice. It's the fact that someone actually was willing to shell it out for one of my stories. That's a first! Especially considering this was a story I wrote 9 years ago for a college creative writing course, and just recently fixed up for submission. Also, I figure this will make it worthwhile to add a "writings sold" section to my resume, and shall make me look like I actually have something of a fiction career going on.

By the way, note this from their website: "Authors...We are actively seeking submissions! Don't miss out on this terrific opportunity to showcase your talent, while exposing yourself to hundreds of new readers each month!" *snicker, giggle* Someone needs an editor...

Note the second:

Saw my parents over the weekend. My wonderfully un-PC Dad told me some jokes. This was my favorite...

A Catholic priest was walking through a forest when a big frog jumped into his path and said in a dejected voice, "Hello."

"Hello," said the surprised priest. "And how are you today, frog?"

"Not so great, actually," said the frog. "You see, I used to be an 11-year-old choirboy, but one day I was walking through these woods, and a witch caught me. She put a curse on me, and turned me into a frog."

"That's awful," sympathized the priest. "And you're just stuck as a frog for the rest of your life?"

"Well, no - there's a way to break the spell. I just need to find someone who will be kind to me, take me home, give me a meal and a warm place to sleep, and then I'll turn back into myself."

"Then this is your lucky day," said the priest. "I would be happy to show you that kindness and save you."

So the priest took the frog home, gave it some food, and set it on the pillow beside him when he settled down to sleep that night. When he woke up the next morning, lo and behold, there was an 11-year-old choirboy in bed beside him!

And that, Your Honor, is the case for the defense.


Note the third:

Elbow's "Cast of Thousands" album is quite beautiful. A pleasant surprise indeed.