May 13th, 2004

Elvgren girlie

Fragrances and me: a history.

I can virtually never leave well enough alone when it comes to fragrances. I'm always sure there's a better one out there, even when I have ones I like. As a result I tend to accumulate them a little bit. But once in a while I discover something really delicious and decide that it's The One for me, for always and forever. Sure, I may get disillusioned someday, but the first thrill is always a delight.

Yesterday's discovery, which hovers about my wrists right now: Fendi Theorema EDP (eau de parfum, for those who don't commonly throw around fragrance terminology). I don't normally like Orientals. I don't normally like vanilla scents. I wouldn't normally wear something that reminded me a little of a men's cologne. But this is just yummy, despite being all three of those things. [That is, it's a women's scent, but it reminds me of a men's scent.]

Official description:
TOP NOTES: California tangelo, Thai shamouti, jasmine
HEART NOTES: osmanthus, Afghan spices, cinnamon, pink pepper
BASE NOTES: cream, amber, macassar, Mysore sandalwood, gaiac wood, musk

It reminds me a little of church incense (myrrh, perhaps), and a little of the fragrant juniper smoke in the deserts of northern Arizona, and a little of Crabtree & Evelyn's Sienna (aftershave for men). It's also elegant in a way that reminded me, initially, of Chanel's Coco, which made me think, "Oh, I'll like this, but Steve won't," since Steve doesn't care for Coco. However, there isn't that old-fashioned rose-scent that Coco carries - instead, there's a touch of orange. Steve sniffed at it, and said that it was interesting and non-perfumey enough to be acceptable. It doesn't cloy at all - in fact, it starts quite subtly, and after a couple hours has faded to a general natural honey-like sweetness. No "threatening innocent bystanders with giant perfume tendrils," like someone put it on a MakeupAlley review. And hey, it doesn't even have the cost-per-ounce of platinum, like some scents. So I've ordered a normal-size bottle, to supplement my sample bottle, and the world is good.

Now. How about I reminisce about past fragrances I've loved, and what went wrong? Collapse )