July 7th, 2004


What I should be interested in...

A meme got from rachel2205.

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. cats score: 9 Won't be adding that. I don't exactly find them "interesting."

2. poetry score: 8 Just not into poetry, sorry...

3. tolkien score: 7 Have considered adding this, of course. But I've really only read LOTR and 'The Hobbit,' so it doesn't seem fair to real Tolkien people if I claim him as one of my interests.

4. harry potter score: 7 Eh...we'll see if the next book and movies measure up...

5. elves score: 7 Pshaw. Hobbit fancier, here.

6. computers score: 6 Seems kind of redundant, when we're all using a computer-based form of communication here.

7. art score: 6 *shrug* I suppose I could add "art." I'm just not very knowledgeable about it, on the whole.

8. photography score: 6 I like my digital camera, but considering I don't know shutter speed from the escape velocity of the space shuttle, I figure I better not claim this one either.

9. dragons score: 5 Hm. Can't say as I'm fascinated, though they're nice, I'm sure...

10. tea score: 5 OK, they're right. I should add tea. I like tea a lot.

11. science fiction score: 5 Doesn't seem right, for someone who hated Stranger in a Strange Land so much.

12. storms score: 5 I don't really like storms. Just ordinary precipitation. I'd like to keep the roof of the house, thanks.

13. legolas score: 5 Ehehehehe.

14. tattoos score: 5 Nah. They look a bit unclean.

15. orlando bloom score: 5 He gets full marks for being eye candy, but I'd feel a bit silly putting him or any other piece of eye candy among my interests.

16. philosophy score: 4 I've tried to get into it, but I yearn for a novel after about five pages of any philosophical treatise.

17. jazz score: 4 We've discussed this. I don't like jazz.

18. nirvana score: 4 I think we've discussed this too. (Assuming they mean the group and not the state of enlightenment.)

19. depression score: 4 Oh, that's nice.

20. canada score: 4 I'm mildly interested in annexing it. Does that count?

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