July 11th, 2004

Froud - bad faeries


Saw Spiderman 2 today. I liked it. Naturally you cannot apply scientific skepticism to it, or it falls to pieces faster than performance-anxiety!Spidey tumbling from a building. But if you view it as you're supposed to--as a comic-book super-hero movie--it stands up pretty well. Could use some minor dialogue editing here and there, and yeah, I did wish he'd be a little less indecisive. But I still thought it was a heck of a lot better than many sequels. (Matrix, anyone?)

One scene I really loved was Collapse )

Tobey Maguire, incidentally, is sheer adorableness. With or without the glasses. Smart, modest, noble, loyal, geeky--ahh, that's my type of boy.

(Seriously, those are my first two initials. Is that cool or what?)