August 27th, 2004


This post rated at a 5th-grade reading level

My editor/publisher Deb at Scheherazade Tales is considering offering one of my older novels as a young-adult ebook, maybe around the end of the year. It needs a lot of editing, as it rambles and is silly and has some sappiness I'd like to kill; but I do agree that "young adult" girlies would probably like it after it got polished up.

However, it's about college freshmen - 18-year-olds - and she mentioned specifically "college kids" as potential readers. I say, sure, college kids; but high school kids as well. Wasn't it the case that when we were middle-schoolers we liked to read about high-schoolers, and when we were high-schoolers we liked to read about young adults? And then once we're adults we revert and read about Harry Potter, I guess. :D

So here's a poll on the subject:

Poll #341895 Age of readers vs. characters

When reading novels, I usually prefer the characters to be:

Older than me
Younger than me
About the same age as me
It really doesn't matter to me, as long as the story is good

When choosing novels to read, I usually prefer:

Books aimed at a younger age group than mine
Books aimed at an older age group than mine
Books for my own demographic
Anything that catches my fancy, regardless of intended age group