December 28th, 2004

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Minor Xmas notes and things

Last time I checked, we still don't have DSL hooked up at the new house, which is where we are finally living. Guess what: moving still sucks! But it does go easier when your relatives show up in various combinations, bringing new things for the house, or helping you carry stuff or clean up or unpack. My extended family is pretty rad that way.

kenshi (one of the extended family) has pictures up on his LJ of a bunch of us being loonies on Xmas Eve and Xmas proper. Did you know you can throw glowing hoops at each other in one of Seattle's best restaurants, and not get thrown out? Our group got away with it, anyway.

Life is on the up-swing but still busy. Think my New Year's resolution is going to be to stay out of internet arguments--so flame-baiters might as well get out of here and quit lurking on my LJ. I can use the time to work on novels and home improvement projects (of which there are lots and lots to be tackled). But, thank you to all who have, one way or another, sent greetings and well-wishes and happy thoughts and assistance. It's been a nice way to end the year.

But I'm supposed to be working, so...right! See you.

Dumbest post ever.
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Eee! Eee! Publish! Eee!

Despite earlier grumpiness, I'm suddenly in a fantastic mood. Why? Well, I'll tell you...

Email I got from my Scheherazade Tales editor, regarding very quickly-written novel entitled Summer Term (chick-lit involving grad students, Linguistics, and heartthrob actors, in a sort of sly wink at Mary Sue fanfic), which I sent to her a month or so ago:

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 20:29:09 -0600
Organization: Scheherazade Tales Romance E-Novels

Hi Molly girl! Hope your holidays are happy ones. How'd the house buying
venture go? Well, I hope, and I hope you're settling in nicely. :-)

I just finished reading SUMMER TERM and I'm utterly thrilled to know that
you're never too old to be a fangirl. ;-D I do have to tell you, though,
in all honesty, when I first started reading, I thought, UH-oh..... not fan
fic, please!!! You wouldn't believe how many fan fic pieces I've turned
down. Or maybe you would. Heh! But I reminded myself that this was MOLLY,
not some unknown wannabe writer.... and MOLLY deserved the benefit of a
complete read.

Well, needless to say, I'm ready to eat my words. :-)

Even if this could be considered a "Mary Sue" piece, it's far far better
than any fan fic I've ever read. And by leaving the celebrity more or less
generic, Aidan instantly can be transformed into the celeb of your choice,
for your own personal fantasy. ;-) I kept seeing him as a young Jude
Law.... knowing how enamored of that actor you are. LOL! As for myself....
well, even if you're never too old to be a fangirl, there wasn't any single
young actor that has caught my interest enough to transpose my own fantasy
onto him, so it was pleasant to just read the story as it was written.

Which is exactly why I think it will work as a Scheherazade Tale.

We'll talk more later, just wanted to shoot this off to you now and let you
know. Happy new year! :-)

Scheherazade Tales Romance E-Novels

* * *

So you see: eeee!

For the record, I pictured more like Orlando Bloom or Elijah Wood, naturally. But really it is up to the reader to fill in their favorite pretty-boy. ;) More about this in later days, including samples and warnings and "okay, this part was dumb," and so forth. But for now: I *heart* the world!