January 6th, 2005

Hughes - Night

My usual babblings

1. Seattle awaits snow. Let's hope I don't have to walk five miles in it to get home like I did last year. Meanwhile, our house is insulationally challenged, to the point where I'm finding 55 degrees "normal" for the kitchen. And actually I prefer it a great deal to "too hot." I sleep better when it's chilly. Having a bed-mate does help, of course.

2. Fangirling: "Lost" last night was awesome. I know Sawyer is basically a jerk, and I don't usually go in for blond guys, but I'm finding I'm totally crushing on him. The dimples, the hair, the drawl, the evil light in the eyes--aw yeah. Meanwhile, Dom's poignant role tweaked my heart (he should have been allowed to weep like that on the Pelennor Fields!), and Sayid and Shannon are a hot fanfic waiting to happen. (What am I saying? I'm sure it's already been written; I just haven't gone looking for it.)

3. Consumer Reports tested condoms in its most recent issue. The ones that fared the worst were the ones from Planned Parenthood. I laughed a lot more than I should have. They shall henceforth be called "Poorly Planned Parenthood."