February 16th, 2005

Buffet of victims

'Lost' recaps are t3h funn3h!

The recap of last week's 'Lost,' on Television Without Pity, is pretty harsh on Charlie but is otherwise quite funny. This quote in particular had me struggling to keep from laughing here at work:

Boone and Locke and Sayid are rigging up some A-Team-esque defences, if the A-Team wasted time setting up trip wires that drop a bag of the castaways' recyclables on your head.

And, for the LOTR fans among the 'Lost' audience:
Ethan just picks Charlie up by the throat and slams him against a tree and tells him that if Charlie doesn't bring Claire back, he'll kill a castaway every day until he does. "And Charlie? I'll kill you last." He lets Charlie go and walks away into the jungle. Not so tough without your Frodo, are you, Charlie?

Surely he means "without your Eowyn"... ;)