March 26th, 2005

York Minster - interior

Checking back in

I've been uncommon busy lately (no, I do not mean "uncommonly"; I'm being colloquial here), which is why I've not been on LJ as much. I've been writing like mad on my twisted Young Adult story idea, enjoying the rain, cooking, being a Netflix whore (holy cow, that service is cool), and besides all that I've been feeling very introverted and thus even LJ has seemed too loud for me.

But, in any case, from the Netflix rentals so far, I highly recommend Finding Neverland. The husband and I are very stoic about not weeping at movies--I really did even avoid it with ROTK in the theaters--but we both were sniffling at the end of Neverland. I prefer happier endings in general, but this was a beautiful kind of sad; not an ugly or harsh kind of sad. I can also forgive sad endings we're given proper warning about, which was the case with this one. Other examples would be Romeo and Juliet, where in the opening speech we learn "a pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life"; or Moulin Rouge, where one of the first lines is "The woman I love is dead." That way it's not sprung upon us unfairly. (Don't get me started on my rage against Tess of the d'Urbervilles, when it comes to sucky and unfair endings.)

I don't know about you, but I always start skimming when LJ'ers write about dreams they had. All the same, I'll mention here a recurring type of dream I have: I could call it The Impassable Road; or The Impossible Road; or The Perilous Road. I can be driving, or bicycling, or operating some other vehicle; and the road that I must take goes way, way up in the air with no guardrails and a dangerous tilt to it, like a roller-coaster track. Or it's plunging at nearly 90 degrees straight down, and is washed out at the bottom by a huge deep surging sea. Or it's so dark and murky that I can't see, but I have to keep driving fast anyway, praying I won't hit anything.

Probably this highlights my general phobia of doing courageous or risky things. Probably it also reflects my adolescent phobia of driving, and just my general phobia of death, especially of being the hapless cause of my own death--and, as everyone always tells you, "You're 495 times likelier to die in a car crash than in (X)." Maybe it just means I want my life to slow down a little. All of that would make sense to me. Anyone else have freaky driving dreams?

Anyway, happy Easter! (Really, I'm happier than I might seem from this entry. This weekend has allowed some good introversion time.)
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