September 18th, 2005

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Back from the islands "next door to paradise." Apparently paradise itself is a little bit cooler, since Maui was rather too hot for my (pregnant) tastes. But it was still beautiful, and relaxing, and I would go again. The rainforest along the Hana Highway has been added to my list of happy places - as in "close your eyes and go to your happy place." I'll have lots of wallpaper-worthy scenery shots for you once I sort them out, but for the meantime I think this one Collapse )

Incidentally, I probably won't try to catch up on the friends list, so tell me if I missed anything good.

Amusing image of the trip, other than the one above: last night, about 11:30 pm. A couple hundred Hawaiian Air passengers are clustered wearily around the one active baggage claim conveyor belt in an otherwise abandoned area of Sea-Tac Airport. They are normally-white people with sunburn-pink skin, leis, Hawaiian shirts, sarongs, and/or flipflops, ready to head back into the crisp cool air of a wet Seattle autumn night. Somehow I bet this scene appears at Hawaiian Air terminals in temperate climates all over the world.