September 20th, 2005


Interests meme. Yah.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. chocolate:
    What's not to like? Prefer dark, bittersweet, smooth solid chocolate; but also like it as a drink, mixed with warm milk. I'm hardly alone in this.
  2. e-publishing:
    Will it reach the mad popularity of mp3s, or go the way of the 8-track? I don't know, but I'm riding the wave to see.
  3. fiction:
    By far my favorite type of reading and writing. And if you're going to write nonfiction, I like it to be written in the style of fiction. Otherwise I will call it a "reference book." Those have their time and place, but they don't exactly transport my soul, y'know?
  4. hair:
    One of my top two or three favorite external-aesthetic features to admire on others. Prefer thick, shiny, clean, wavy; all at once. NOT a reference to the hippie musical.
  5. jane eyre:
    (dork voice) Probably, like, one of my favorite books in the universe. Read for its skills and magic. (/dork) Romance, vintage Gothness, virtue, the northern English countryside...ahhh.
  6. macintosh:
    My home computer of choice for life so far.
  7. pacific northwest:
    My home of choice so far.
  8. satire:
    Not quite as friendly as "parody" or, perhaps, "irony," but still awfully funny in the right hands.
  9. tact:
    "Before you speak (or type), ask yourself: 'Is it true? Is it necessary?'" Still working on enforcing that on myself.
  10. words:
    A fine place LiveJournal would be without them.

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