October 25th, 2005


"Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?"

Way back in May '03 I got LJ'ers to tell me about supernatural experiences they themselves had seen/heard/felt. My friends list must have had a lot of turnover since then, so in the spirit of Halloween, I shall ask it again:

Do you have any ghostly encounters? Will you tell us about them? I want only first-hand ghost stories, stuff you personally experienced, not a tale handed down from your grandfather or your mother-in-law (even though those may be cool). Also, feel free to do your best at explaining it - e.g., "But then, I was looking through a pane of glass, so I suppose it could have been a reflection..." - just to make this as scientific as possible.

Banshees, poltergeist, telekinesis, and other strange earthly phenomena are fair game, too; it doesn't have to be an actual visible "ghost."

As to whether I believe in ghosts: my answer basically is that I haven't ever seen one, but some part of my mind thinks they're possible. Or, rather, hopes they're possible, because it would suggest life after death and all kinds of interesting physics-related things.

Let's have 'em!
*switches on a flashlight for the spooky-up-the-face-lighting-effect and hands it to whoever is first*