November 28th, 2005

Seattle - Pike Place

Thanksgiving roundup

Hi, all.
You'll be pleased to know that the LemonLye clan had a Very Puget Sound Thanksgiving. Memorable details:

  • Steve and I went westward, to the cabin/kit house on Case Inlet, and spent the holiday with my parents. In typical Northwest November fashion, it rained and/or was foggy for a couple of days straight, with a low of about 41 degrees and a high of about 48 degrees.

  • Didn't stop me from going out in a raincoat to gather a bowlful of the season's last huckleberries, which adore living in the soggy forests out here. I've occasionally encountered people who think "huckleberry" is just another name for a different berry; a wild blueberry, perhaps; or even that they don't exist and it was just a word made up by Mark Twain. Not so. Vaccinium ovatum. They exist, they come in black and blue varieties (and also red, though that may be a different species), I've eaten them since I was old enough to walk, and they are delicious.

  • Then it cleared up and we got beautiful blue skies. Some wallpaper-sized versions of the view have been added here for your downloading pleasure. (The last four are the new ones.)

  • On those photos you might notice that the last is of a guy way, way up a tree. Some guys with chainsaws and ropes and spiked boots came out on Saturday to remove a couple of very tall dying fir trees. So if you're not fond of heights, be glad you don't have this guy's job.

  • New sport we witnessed: as we stood upon the Stretch Island bridge (yes, same place the fruit leather is named after), we saw a golden retriever lying across an innertube and floating serenely toward us. As it got closer we saw that it was being pushed along, kickboard-style, by a woman in a dry suit. Yep, in Puget Sound, in November. What can you do but wave and say, "Nice day for it"? Wish I'd brought the camera.

  • Upon returning to Seattle, we heard the breaking news that two Monorail trains had collided. In case you aren't familiar with Seattle, this event is even stupider than it sounds. We only have two trains. They run on parallel tracks. There are exactly two stops - one on each end of the track; Westlake Center and Seattle Center. ("Takes you, oh, two, three feet across town," as our favorite DJ commented this morning.) Yet somehow, on a curve, they sideswiped each other and screeched to a stop. Everyone is pretty much okay last I heard, but still: the transportation snafus may just be the dumbest thing about this city. We're so proud.

  • And now they're forecasting the possibility of snow tonight. If all goes as usual, it will snow approximately one inch in the Seattle metropolitan area, and completely snarl up traffic until melted. Unlike some years, I will not be stupidly devoted to the idea of going in to work, if the roads are a mess. I will call it a vacation day, stay home, and kick back with some cocoa.

  • Speaking of chocolate, Target's new Choxie line is pretty good, from what I've tried. Comparable to Frangos, but not quite as spendy. I recommend the dark chocolate "candy cane" flavored truffles.