June 3rd, 2006

Powerpuff - by Xenia


1. This was a cool day because (and this will only mean anything to a handful of you) Steve and I got to meet John Richards, a.k.a. John In The Morning at KEXP. As he is the coolest DJ on the coolest radio station in existence, I think that makes him the coolest DJ in the world. So it was a treat when the baby and I tailed Steve to a Seattle League ultimate frisbee game, and found that John had shown up to play on his team today. John has a small boy himself, and came over to say hi to us, and I had a nice long conversation with him about babies, pregnancy, and of course the radio station. (I was mildly fawning but I think I kept my cool.) He's very down to earth, as if actually unaware of being a celebrity. His hair is longer than in the photos on his page there, incidentally; and he looks younger, almost boyish, in real life; but I'd know that voice anywhere. Odd to hear it from an actual person and not a radio. :) You rock, John.

2. Swiped some spearmint leaves from a neighbor's yard the other night, opened a bottle of Maker's Mark, and we had mint juleps. Mmm. I bruised the mint, rather than chopping it. Southerners, I hope I did it "right."

3. Colin Firth fangirls: you do know about the movie 'Valmont,' yes? I rented it the other day. For the same story, 'Dangerous Liaisons' is better organized, but young Firth as rakish Valmont is a yummy treat. Good fun.

4. I'm late to this podcast thing, but I'm enjoying listening to Rick Steves' travel podcasts while I take walks with the kidlet. Travel the world while staying in your neighborhood! I now know lots more about Poland, Mexico, Cuba, Wales, and Egypt, to name a few destinations. Anyone have other podcast recommendations that fit the bill for entertainment with some educational value? Audio only, please. Even if I could watch videos on my iPod, I wouldn't try it while walking.

5. Just finished reading the very very good The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, by Michael Chabon. (Figured I should follow up one Pulitzer winner with another.) Beautiful, funny, poignant, all that. And Chabon has one truly impressive vocabulary, I might add, but the book does not feel pretentious despite his use of it.

Have a good Sunday. I think we're due to get rained upon some more. It's been warm rain, though, like a Hawaiian rainforest. Totally rocks. Keep yer sunshine, rest of the world.