June 14th, 2006


Meme reheated

I did this one a couple months back, but upon darthbeckman's tagging, I shall think up more pleasantries:

Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most, and then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1. The smell of my baby's skin. He can go days without bathing and still smell fresh and sweet. So unfair.
2. Plants that like neglect. How can I be the only one listing this as an LJ interest?
3. Rain in summer
4. Sun in winter
5. Calm high tide in Puget Sound, where it looks like a giant glass of water brimming over
6. Ignoring the knock on the front door, and finding a Jehovah's Witness brochure stuck there afterward. Best call EVER on not answering the door!
7. Dreaming something so silly that I wake up giggling
8. Adding stuff to my Amazon.com wish list
9. Huckleberries. The red ones will be getting ripe soon! Sweet!
10. Heckling the TV with my husband

I tag: ah heck, anyone.

Also, this Inis cologne is growing on me. Fragrance notes, according to the Fragrances of Ireland website: "...based on a rugged and robust muguet (lily-of-the-valley) to embody the coolness, clarity, energy and purity of the sea. Added to this is a top note of sparkling, diffusive citrus notes along with traces of marine notes, balanced with base notes of sandalwood and oak moss and deepened with spice notes of cloves and nutmeg." It still smells sort of like L'Eau d'Issey and CK Escape (for men), but fresher and less perfumey. Has shades of Irish Spring, or this cheap body spray called Chill Out that my sister and I bought for a little while in high school. I've never seen it since; I don't think it lived long. But I always liked it.

I'm trying to get my hands on the "Inis Arose" variety too, which is specifically feminine and supposedly is inspired by Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" painting. Top Notes - Sunny Sicilian Lemons and Bergamot, palest pink Geraniums, Cyclamen and Muguet (Lily of the Valley). Middle, or 'Heart', Notes - Pink May Rose from Grasse, White Rose , White Damask Rose Absolute and traces of Turkish Rose Attar. Bottom, or 'Soul', Notes - Penang Patchouli, finest Mysore Sandalwood, Vanilla from Madagascar, Incense, Tonkin Musk and Atlas Cedarwood.

Anyway, just wanted to give Fragrances of Ireland a bit of advertising, since I hate it when my favorite scents get discontinued.

Also trying to get my hands on a sample of Chanel No. 19, since it's also supposedly rather fresh and woodsy, and one reviewer said it smelled like you would smell after a wild romp in the grass with Mr. Darcy. What better advertisement is there? :)