February 25th, 2007

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This year's Mr. Darcy: ladies, check 'im out

Grr. Amazon.com is delaying my shipment of the new Masterpiece Theatre 'Jane Eyre' DVD. I caught only a bit of it on PBS, am totally satisfied that it shall rock, and eagerly await seeing the whole thing. But I guess I have to wait another week or two.

Jane Eyre is such a beloved book that its many film adaptations have tough critics among the fans. I'm a huge fan myself--Jane Eyre is one of those love stories I imprinted on, having first read it when I was about 14 and never having dislodged Edward Rochester from my heart since. The Timothy Dalton film version is generally respected for its faithfulness, but it has a very low-budget look about it, and one criticism is that Dalton is too good-looking to play Rochester. In the BBC's latest version, the delectable Toby Stephens plays the part, and on the question of whether he's too handsome to play Rochester, I say: hell yes he is, and I have no problem with that.

I mean really: watch this clip and tell me your pulse doesn't pick up a little. Just look at photos if you want. The Jane Eyre book fans are embracing this adaptation and swooning over him, and it's gaining mainstream popularity too. I predict it will do for our dear Toby what the Beeb's Pride and Prejudice did for Colin Firth. And I have to say, I was drooling over Toby years and years ago when most people had never heard of him. But I'm willing to share him with you if you insist. ;)

So while waiting for the DVD's, I can continue to watch grainy videos on YouTube. *sigh*

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