May 25th, 2007

Yaquina Head lighthouse

All over the map

Been a while since I gave you a random list of remarks. Let's try it again!

1. YouTube is a wondrous place whose members provide us with much video goodness. However, after some serious scientific inquiry, I must conclude that YouTube also has the absolute dumbest, mind-numbingly lamest user comments of any page on the internet. "lol thast sooo hot whats that song in teh bakgrond pleeeze luv the vid thxxxx XP!"

2. Clinique's Cream Shaper eyeliner is the best eye pencil I've tried yet. I guess it's worth it to spend more than $3 on eyeliner. Bye bye, Wet 'n Wild! Note: I have the Starry Plum color because I read that purples are good to make green/hazel eyes "pop" (sounds painful), but it basically just looks black until smudged. Am curious about the green shade (Egyptian) too.

3. There's no such thing as a healthy real tan, and no such thing as an attractive fake tan. If you use fake tanner you are feeding this ridiculous beauty standard that says pale skin isn't as good as darker skin. Yes, I understand about looking dead sometimes and wanting some color to liven things up, but that's what blush is for. The look of blood circulating: good. The look of sun damage: bad. As for legs? Psht, who cares? Honestly, fake orange legs look worse than pale white ones. Embrace your natural tones! Don't let anyone tell you they're not up to par!

4. I'm sure the fact that I currently have a crush on a very pale English vampire on the telly has nothing to do with point #3.

5. For taming frizzes and poofiness in hair, however, I do advocate the use of "product". But smooth hair doesn't mimic the look of any disease or damage, so it's not entirely hypocritical of me when taken with point #3. I have health in mind here along with prettiness.

6. What podcasts do you enjoy listening to? Navigating the iTunes directory tires me, so I'm looking for recommendations. I have eclectic tastes, so name anything you like. But in particular lately, stuff about writing or forensics (the crime-solving type, not the speech-giving type) is most pertinent to me.

7. Politically lately, to the degree I pay any attention to politics, I'm calling myself a centrist. Everything in moderation. Morally and spiritually, I don't know what to call myself. My main central value is respecting and enjoying life. Note that I don't just mean one or the other; not enjoying it disrespectfully (e.g., hedonism) or respecting it somberly (e.g., monasticism), but always both at the same time to the highest degree of compatibility possible. So what does one call that?

8. Happy Memorial Day weekend!