May 31st, 2007

butterfly - Pushing Pixels

"I definitely need a long, slow root canal."

I got two crowns done on me poor li'l molars yesterday, and still feel a bit like I was punched in the jaw. My dentist said I was a great patient, which surprised me--I mean, I'm not like the masochistic patient quoted in the subject line (played hilariously by Bill Murray in Little Shop of Horrors); I don't like getting crowns. But what he meant was I didn't complain or freak out; I just cooperated. Don't most people cooperate?, I asked. Well, he said, a good half of them need a lot of calming down throughout; maybe one in ten just lies back and says, "OK, do what you got to do; I'll be quiet."

Hm. I suspect he was just being nice to me, but then again, we all hate and fear that drill, right? So I'm doing my own research. Please tell me:

How well do you handle getting dental work done--something long and involved, like a crown?

I like it. I think it's interesting.
I'm neutral on it; it's just another appointment, like an office meeting.
I dislike it, but am able to lie still and cooperate, and it goes smoothly.
I'm nervous and they can tell. They frequently have to pause to soothe me.
It pretty much puts me in a panic. It's an ordeal, for me and the staff, every time.