June 13th, 2007

butterfly - Pushing Pixels

Philosophy is / At its best when they put it / Into haiku form

Got via email, from my mom, who hobnobs with the Oregon State U. Philosophy Dept. They're from the book "Haiku U.: From Aristotle to Zola, 100 Great Books in 17 Syllables" by David M. Bader.


By Zeus, Socrates!
It seems you're right once again!
Time for your hemlock.

Marcus Aurelius

As grapes become wine,
so must one accept one's fate.
Die well. Like a grape.

"The Confessions"
St. Augustine

This is just to say
I screwed around. Forgive me.
I enjoyed it so.

"The Prince"
Niccolo Machiavelli

What I learned at court:
Being more feared than loved--good.
Getting poisoned--bad.

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