January 14th, 2008

Doctor Who 10 - glasses

Spring wallpaper and Blink

If you, like me, are in the chilly Northern Hemisphere and pining for the green of spring, maybe you would be interested in this wallpaper:

I took this photo near Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland, England, in April of 2004. People had left coins on this ancient old stone pedestal, for luck or to appease the fairies or something, I assume. I should note that the wall in the photo is not actually Hadrian's Wall. It's a sheep fence, more likely, whose stones were possibly stolen from the original Wall.

Doctor Who watching notes: we recently saw the two-parter "Human Nature"/"Family of Blood," which was like getting to see David Tennant perform a different role altogether. If you (like me) are into that idea, it makes for good viewing. If you (like my husband) want to watch Doctor Who in order to actually see the Doctor, it isn't so great.

But we both agreed on tonight's episode, "Blink," being awesome. It reminded me of Buffy's "Hush" episode, in being artistically beautiful and terrifying at the same time, with tight writing, many a cool twist, and plenty of humor to save the day. Can we just let Steven Moffat write all the episodes, please? Oh, and my husband remarked that Sally Sparrow is cute. Even I thought so, and I don't generally swing that way. I see now why her name crops up so often in fandom discussions, even if she never shows up in another episode. (I don't know as of this writing whether she does. I may spoil myself by going to look it up, though.)

Cheers and goodnight.