April 25th, 2008


The Holy Grail of sites for perfume sampling addicts

To the certain destruction of much of my free time and pocket change, I have discovered The Perfumed Court. They sell sample-size decants of nearly every fragrance under the sun, including some very hard-to-find and even discontinued ones. Most of the smallest vials are $3 each, which is an affordable price for getting to try the perfume for a few days or a week to see if you really like it.

Also, some of the larger sample vials are big enough for a hundred sprays, enough to last a month or two. Seems a good option when you've already sampled a scent and you know you like it, but can't quite bring yourself to spring for a big, expensive bottle.

Such is the case with me and Fresh's Cannabis Santal, which I've tested and retested over the past year and finally have to admit I covet. No, it doesn't smell like pot smoke, thank goodness. Not on me, anyway. I get a relaxing, spicy, somewhat masculine blend of chocolate, vanilla, vetiver, and resinous shrubs--rockrose ("labdanum" in the fragrance world) and sandalwood come to mind, though they aren't included in the official list of notes. How they made that all work together, I do not know, but I really like it.

So then along with the larger spray vial of Cannabis Santal, I ended up ordering four small samples of other scents from hither and yon. Hard to restrict myself to just four. It would be hard to restrict myself to just a hundred, actually. This site has not seen the last of me, oh no indeed.