May 7th, 2009

Maurice & Clive

You call yourselves pervy fangirls and fanboys, yet...

...none of you posted about Robert Pattinson kissing another man and doing gay sex scenes for an upcoming movie. It's called Little Ashes, and (making matters substantially odder) he plays a young Salvador Dali, and I bet I'll be able to keep from snickering right up to the moment when he starts wearing the crazy up-swooped mustache. But in that kiss photo linked above, at least, and thus presumably in some of the film, he's clean-shaven.

I just have to chuckle, since a role like that is such a perfect way to discombobulate shallow teen fans. They're used to their heartthrobs doing predictable chick-flicks, action films, and heartwarming family dramas, not moving straight from Twilight to a biopic about an eccentric Spanish painter. For that, RPattz, I give you bonus points.