January 19th, 2011

Doctor Who 10 - TARDIS

Matt Smith's Doctor

I'm only 3 episodes in to season 5 of Doctor Who (so no spoilers, please!), but wanted to log in my surprising love for Eleven and Amy.

So far, despite Matt Smith being (I think) the youngest Doctor on record, he actually comes across as more fatherly, even grandfatherly, toward the humans than Nine or Ten did. The old-man clothes might be part of it, but his mannerisms (and those brow ridges, somehow) are too. In short, he had me at his faintly shocked delivery of "Get a girlfriend, Jeff!"

And Amy--feisty! Scottish! Ginger! Yay! I'd totally want her if I were gay.

It feels like a completely clean start to me: new companion, new Doctor, new TARDIS even, with the plus of having Moffat as chief writer. That whole oddly-human angst of Ten's that I did love at the time but which was emotionally exhausting--eh, we're done with that, we're starting over with plain old fun.

But the Daleks in fresh new Kitchen-Aid colors? That was just silly. Come on.

New Who icon to come, as I get further along and find 11th-Doctor moments I want immortalized. In the meantime Ten can stand in.