April 26th, 2011

golden egg

Maybe I'll call it 'Ostara Boy.'

You guys! I have this awesome idea for a new YA paranormal romance!

Okay, the high school girl is mesmerized by the mysterious new guy with his strangely pale hair and shy ways, right? And he's drawn to her too, and they get closer, but she notices more and more weird stuff about him. Like, he always avoids situations where eggs are present. And then one time when he can't get away in time, the eggs near him turn colors. Magically!

She confronts him in a sun-dappled forest on a spring day. He admits it. He's...The Easter Bunny!

"I think you should see what I really look like," he tells her, his voice tortured. He turns around, pulling down the top of his loose jeans. *Gasp!* He's got a fluffy little cottontail!

Scarier stuff would happen too. Like when she stumbles upon him in a hungry moment, and he's got these long rodent front teeth and is viciously biting the head off a Peeps. But I haven't worked out all the subplots.

Good, right?