April 29th, 2015


Are you hippie enough for probiotic home-fermented ginger beer?

I mainly hate soda because there's nothing healthful in it and it leaves you feeling gross (well, it does for me, anyway) and it's a huge waste of money and resources. But THIS ginger beer is probiotic and gets its bubbles from the interaction of yeast and sugar, not from being injected with pressurized sterile carbon dioxide, and you can make it pretty easily in your own kitchen.

I was hippie enough to make some, and after fermenting for 48 hours, it tastes good and, more importantly, makes me feel good rather than gross. Plus, to make it cheaper and easier, I used powdered ginger instead of ginger root, and it still worked fine. So. Try it for a chemistry/cooking experiment if YOU, too, are hippie enough.