June 30th, 2015

Scotland - hills and thistles

Natural deodorant recommendation: Fat and the Moon

You guys! I found a natural deodorant that actually works. If I sound surprised, it's because I've only tried certain widely distributed natural deodorants (let's just call it Bob's of Vermont) that did *not* work.

I don't mind using ordinary deodorants/anti-perspirants like Degree or Old Spice--in fact, I love Old Spice's tongue-in-cheek marketing, and their scents are often pretty much unisex. However, lately I didn't like how those type of products left my armpits feeling like they'd been caked with Turtle Wax. And sometimes I still smelled sweaty despite the layer of wax.

So, going on web reviews and my general love of surfing Etsy, I tried Fat and the Moon's Deodorant Cream. Hallelujah! It works! And considering it's been 90 degrees here in Seattle, and we do not have air conditioning, the stuff has been put to the test for reals. I do not smell sweaty, even the next morning, yet I don't feel caked-and-waxed at all either. The cream smells nice--bracing herbal natural oils like bergamot and tea tree--but not strong; it wouldn't combat your chosen perfume. And it soaks into skin readily and doesn't seem to leave any marks on clothes. So once again: hallelujah!

By the way, when I ordered it I also bought some of their Lip and Cheek Stain. It's similarly lovely-scented (rose geranium), and feels fabulous on the lips, with just a subtle amount of color. Haven't tried it on cheeks yet. But from these two products I'm confident in saying these folks create great products.