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Ten songs meme

I've been thrice tagged for this on Facebook, so I'll post my answers here, and if I did the "import blog" thing right, it'll appear as a note over there too. Everybody wins. If reading my list of "Ten songs I couldn't live without" counts as winning in your book, that is.

Caveat: Next week I'll probably stop in the middle of the grocery store, smack my forehead, and mutter, "[Song X]! How could I have forgotten [Song X]?" And this may happen several times, enough to revise nearly the whole list. That said...

"Just Like Heaven," The Cure. Obviously I had to pick a Cure song, and might as well begin the list with it, since the three people who tagged me were all people I met in the Cure chat room back in the dial-up age. Top-40-friendly though it is, I love this song and will still turn up the radio for it. But I could just as easily have chosen "Plainsong" or "Boys Don't Cry" or "To the Sky" or "Harold and Joe" or...etc.

"Nine Times Blue," The Monkees (or Michael Nesmith, solo). I didn't actually discover this one (or any of Mike's solo stuff) until over a decade after my initial Monkees fandom flush in the mid-80s. But it quietly crept its way up into my top ten of Monkees songs, for being simple and sincere and charming.

"Summoning of the Muse," Dead Can Dance. I have my "eerie and/or atmospheric world music" side, and this particular track gives me the greatest and most delicious chills. On the world music side, I also felt I ought to include Loreena McKennitt, who I love, but it's hard to choose one of her tracks since they're all fairly similar. (And I like them all.)

"Fall On Me," R.E.M. It took me a while to get into R.E.M., but when I finally did, this was the first song that I really fell in love with, and I'm still quite soft on it.

"Under Pressure," David Bowie & Queen. Finally, a song everyone's heard! Bowie's awesome, Queen's awesome; how could this song not be doubly awesome?

"El Tango de Roxanne," Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Odd choice, eh? Especially so since I never particularly liked the original Police song. But this film transformed it into grand, impassioned, operatic agony. Which is exactly what frustrated love feels like when you're in it. The orchestrations tend to give me actual goosebumps each time.

"Romeo and Juliet," Dire Straits. Yeah, I'm a girl. I love it. Probably because it imprinted me when I was 13 or 14 and reading the Shakespeare for the first time, but so be it.

"Underwear," Pulp. Just as I had to include some Cure song, I have to include some Pulp song. There are a dozen tracks I like equally well (or almost equally), but this one captures the obsessive, tender, creepy, jealous, pervy mood and lyrics that Jarvis Cocker & co. do so well. Hmm, my softness for such things may explain a couple of ill-advised relationships or friendships I've known in the past...

"May It Be," Enya. To commemorate my Lord of the Rings obsession, this one makes the list. If I stay quiet and just listen, it can resurrect that first enchanted feeling of hope, adoration, and hyperventilating fandom.

"Sometimes," James. Most people would pick "Say Something" (and I do love that one, along with many other James tracks), but "Sometimes" is the one that always stirs my inspiration and sparks tender memories the most. Even though I'm still not sure what the hell is going on in the lyrics; or rather, what the verses and chorus have to do with each other.

There. Tag yourself if you want.
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