Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Joy of alphabetizing

Today, in moving a bunch of stuff from one section of the basement to another, my son and I stacked all our CDs on one table, where I organized them alphabetically. (One stack for A, another for B, etc.) I'm strangely intrigued and pleased by the results, especially at their uneven distribution.

C is the tallest stack (blame the Cure primarily), followed very closely by B (Beatles and Blur and Bowie...), then S and then P and then M, less closely. There's nothing under Q (I must need a best of Queen) or Z. The X pile is actually not too shabby, though, thanks to XTC, X-Files soundtracks, and all those homemade compilations that my friends labeled "Xmas mix [fill in year]".

dirae and all_timeqb may be amused to know that when my son picked up the Judybats album "Down in the Shacks Where the Satellite Dishes Grow," he said in delight, "There's a dog in a backhoe!" I pointed out that it was actually a pickup truck, but yes, true about the dog.
Tags: music

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