Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

LJ turns 10 thingy

An email from the LJ turns 10 moderator person...

Dear Esteemed LJer,
As you may have heard, Live Journal is turning 10 next month—and one of the ways we’re celebrating is by publishing a beautiful anthology that will highlight 100 favorite journals and communities from over the past decade.

That’s why we’re writing: your LJ is on our shortlist for possible inclusion in the book! Congratulations! If your entry makes the final cut, you’ll receive a $20 LJ gift certificate—not to mention that you’ll have one of your LJ entries highlighted and preserved for all time in the Live Journal 10th Anniversary Anthology.

The entry we’re considering is:


Cool! And it wasn't even one of my parodies. Heh.

As a sidenote, ZOMG I'M ON AMAZON!1!!1! AND BARNES&NOBLE!!!

Ahem. I'll announce that more coherently tomorrow, perhaps.
Tags: computers, the ghost downstairs, writing

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