Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

The Ghost Downstairs - pre-order now

Okay, here's the good news I didn't exactly present coherently yesterday:

My novel The Ghost Downstairs can now be pre-ordered on and Barnes & Hurray!

These JUST went up, so not all the details are ready (book covers, blurbs, etc.), but the publisher will get in there and remedy that before the official release date.

Note that this pre-ordering is only for the paperback edition. The ebook edition probably cannot be ordered until the release date (April 3), but then of course it arrives instantly when you do order it.

Naturally I'll be happy to send autographed bookplates (stickers) to anyone who wants one to stick inside the book. Also, soon I'll have the first chapter up on my site for you to read while you wait for your full copy. I'll keep you posted on those developments.


In other news, thank you for sending in so many great ideas for ghostly reads. Your favorite ghost stories, along with those of everyone else I asked, can now be read in one big list on Amazon's Listmania.

(If I didn't add yours, it's only because I couldn't find it.) I even went ahead and added The Ghost Downstairs, in the hopes that others will discover it via our list--along with many other good books!


Next post (two in one day; this won't happen often): a perfume giveaway to celebrate!
Tags: books, spookiness, the ghost downstairs

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