Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Perfume giveaway: Fraicheur Muskissime

Hokay, perfume giveaway time!

Today's offering: Fraicheur Muskissime, by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier, graciously donated by laleonaenojada. As before, it's a little 1 ml sample vial from The Perfumed Court, tested but mostly full.

Description: This accord of musk and bergamot, with its subtle notes of blackberries and raspberries, wraps you in its intimacy like a second skin. Sensual and discreet, it will shroud you in a veil of beauty. Fraicheur Muskissime is a ray of sun--a walk in a forest filled with wild berries!

It's a women's scent, though the muskiness is a bit unisex. It's quite lovely, and I give it away only because I see it's too expensive and hard to find for me to dare get attached to it! The above description, by the way, is from, since I couldn't find its listing anymore on The Perfumed Court. But I do notice Luckyscent also sells sample sizes. Hmm, could be convenient!

Enter to win this sample by leaving a comment here. I'll select the winner at random in one week. If you're not an LJ user, leave an email address where I can notify you if you've won. LJ users ought to be able to find out via the usual comment notification. International entries welcome. Good luck!
Tags: contests, fragrance

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