Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

The Ghost Downstairs - orderable! With poetry...

The Ghost Downstairs is officially released tomorrow! Very exciting. But apparently Amazon's already shipping the paperback to people, so order right now if you like. Barnes & Noble probably is too. If it's the ebook you want, wait a day. Don't worry, I'll remind you. Also keep in mind that by ordering it you can win a Sony eReader.

In the meantime, my mom whipped out a poem for the occasion in probably two minutes flat. She's eccentrically talented that way. Here it is in its silliness for your enjoyment:

Looking for excitement? There's
A great book called The Ghost Downstairs!
'Tis witty, scary, not pedantic,
Spooky, eerily romantic!

You think you've met attractive men?
They're all fools compared to Ren,
Who was a houseboy way back when
They had such things upon the scene
At old Tri Delta in Eugene,

But now have mostly disappeared -
Unless they turn up, sad and weird
Doing things most unexpected,
Hope the guy gets resurrected-

OOPS - don't give the end away!
Better order yours today!
(The author's name is Molly Ringle -
Sorry, guys she's wed, not single.)


Thanks, Mom. :)
Tags: funny, the ghost downstairs, writing

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