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Hilarity from the LOTR peanut gallery

I just want to say I love the lordoftherings community. Two days ago there was this long, delightful, pervy-hobbit-fancying thread, which moved from "Frodo looks orgasmic when handling the Ring," to "Pippin's lips sure are pretty," to "Love that RAWR look Sam gives Frodo," to "Here, everyone! A photo of Dom Monaghan in the shower!" Great amounts of fun. (And, yes, of course I added my two cents to egg them on.)

Then today there was this thread about how Sam keeps losing track of Frodo in the second film, with suggestions that he get Frodo a shock collar, not to mention a more reliable chain for that Ring (you know, one that won't keep falling off?). This has evolved into a discussion of how many times Frodo falls over, Legolas prances or says something obvious, or Aragorn flirts with someone. [Edit: This site, which is linked in that thread, actually has the answers to some of those things, also including how many times "Frodo screams like a girl", "Sam looks like he's about to propose to Frodo", and "Gandalf looks particularly fluffy". Very, very funny!]

Yes, someday I'll post something unrelated to LOTR again. Just not yet.
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