Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

Fan film: The Hunt for Gollum

Released today online and free:

LOTR fans, go watch! This is a short film, slightly over 30 minutes, made entirely by volunteer fans on a non-profit basis. And given the shoestring budget, I must say it looks, sounds, and feels amazing. If it weren't for the different cast, I'd believe it was a long extra sequence from Peter Jackson's extended DVDs. And actually, the guy who plays Gandalf looks so much like Ian McKellen that I might not have noticed the difference there, at least for the first few minutes.

Basically it covers the little sequence mentioned in the Council of Elrond, and the Appendices, in which Aragorn goes out hunting for Gollum, before the main events of LOTR take place. The filming and writing is very much in the style of the New Line movies, complete with a brief dream-sequence by Arwen and some amusing grumbling by Gollum. I'll be keeping my eye on this production team to see what they do next.

Thanks to Dave in the UK for emailing me about this project! Might not have reached my radar otherwise.
Tags: lord of the rings, movies

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