Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

New fandom: The Office

Sometimes, such as when dealing with the last few weeks of pregnancy or the first few of new-baby-hood, fandom is a real sanity saver. I'm not only revisiting an old one by slowly working my way through Buffy again, but am also enjoying a new one with The Office (US--saw the UK one years ago, and yes, it was great too). We're just about done with season 3, and the silly show has wormed its way slowly into my heart.

I like that it seems on the surface to be almost pure parody--surely no one in real life is as awful or clueless as Michael or Dwight?--but runs deeper into true-to-life human nature before long, even for the worst of the characters. Both Michael and Dwight, for instance, have done sweet turns for someone and gained my temporary approval here and there. (See: Michael at Pam's art show, or Dwight finding her crying and demanding, "Who did this to you? Where is he?")

Relationships! Hurray! Naturally I'm a huge Jim/Pam shipper, and have been from episode 1. I'd crush on Jim too, in her place. But the writers make things bearable and interesting by making Karen likeable as well. And even Roy isn't always a prat. Jan/Michael is wrong and hilarious. Dwight/Angela is so twisted it's occasionally almost hot. Kelly/Ryan--well, he got himself into that mess, so I just laugh.

As a side plus, my husband seldom laughs so much at television as he does at Jim's pranks against Dwight. It's good to see him cheered up from our stressful existence. And good to know I married a man whose sense of humor aligns so closely with Jim's.

That's all I have time for today. Amazing I have any time at all! Thanks again to the husband, for taking the older boy out to play while I sit with napping newborn. Hope I have time to check in again once he returns to work in another week...
Tags: the office, tv

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