Mol (mollyringle) wrote,

O Cure, what became of you?

Feeling nostalgic, I decided to give new Cure another try, and checked out the 4:13 Dream album from the library. I really wanted to like it, but, well...glad I didn't pay for it, at least.

I miss the days when Robert could hit and hold notes. (Maybe he still can, but he's choosing not to.) I miss the clean, sharp guitar and keyboard notes, which have been replaced mostly by noise that I can't enjoy listening to. As for lyrics--well, I stopped trying to pay attention after Wild Mood Swings (which did at least have a couple good tunes and lines).

I also checked out The Top, since I don't have it on CD, and coveted the extra tracks. It's not usually anyone's first pick for best Cure album, nor is it mine, but it's striking how much better it is--even the bonus demo tracks--than 4:13 Dream.

What happened, Robert? And can't you fix it?

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