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Dying...cannot wait till December...

Return of the King photos, from a calendar somewhere...these two are just about killing me (the second especially)...

Frodo with the star-glass

Sam holding an unconscious Frodo

To sum up eloquently, eeeeee!!

(I'm 27, not 14, really.)

Edit, 1/8/03: The second one has now been updated to a much bigger, clearer scan, downloaded from the wonderful people at TheOneRing.net.



Jan. 6th, 2003 06:30 pm (UTC)
ahh! awesome icon! ^_~ The great thing about that picture is, purposefully or not, it looks sketchy and almost like an illustration in the book or conceptual art. Ahhh! Frodo. . .and Shelob. . .and Sam. . .gah! *joins in the hyperventilating*